trump putin russia

How is it possible that trump and his republican cronies are not traitors? The evidence is staggering! If 30% of voters support trump and his ideas on racism,sexism and hatred for our Constitution, then 70% reject them. I find it helpful to remember that before, during and after the American revolutionary war, 33% of the Am population were against the Revolution and all that it stands for. It has taken an incredible effort consistently since then to hold on to our principles. The war is fought every day. This nation was a world leader in creating and acting out the first organization to create a "pure" race. These Americans went to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century to spread their "scientific" ideas and it was from this very solid start Hitler developed his ideas, non of which were unique to him. Children who have been schooled in recent years have been taught to expect a race war and how to win it.

Russian president says he told Trump that Moscow did not interfere with 2016 election and that “It seemed to me that he took it into account, and agreed.”

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