arkema plant harvey

it seems the company has a barbed wire fence around its plant and the six feet of water is almost as high as the fence as shown in this photo. if there is a complete loss of refrigeration to the products stored, does that mean there might be seepage of the chemicals in the flood waters? it seems the chance of explosion is reduced, but, the water was already contaminated and not fit for body contact, but, to think that there might be caustic water released to spread across areas is a scare, indeed, as the water is already unhealthy for contact. this sounds so much like a terminal situation from many standpoints. dragging places for human remains may take months. this sounds so hopeless for that area of texas. illness is for months already from the filthy flood waters. houston, alone is more than six million residents. i can't bear to think of the extent of the damage into the future. i have relatives spread across texas from fort worth down through houston. it's in god's hands.

Arkema SA expects chemicals to catch fire or explode at its heavily flooded plant in Crosby, Texas in the coming days because the plant has lost power to its…

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