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Enjoy a nice dinner with your family. Go see a movie or take time to enjoy a workout. Turn off the TV and go to the lake or to the river. Do not participate in the fear. There is absolutely nothing you can do about the madmen and their games. If we are going to die, as the frantic reports intimate, let us do so enjoying our last moments. If we don't all die, it was just another day spent with loved ones in a beautiful life experienced on a beautiful living world.
Remember. The real attack is upon your sensibilities and your sense of safety. This is a missile that can only detonate if you choose to allow it. Deny these low beings their meal of fear and feed them instead with your laughter and your joy. Choke them with your unwillingness to play. We are all soverieign beings. Stand up by turning away...come what may.
North Korea has test fired a missile over Japan in an unprecedented act that is likely to further enflame tensions in the region, Japan's national…

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