scaramucci communications director

A new record for shortest time served?
How tragic that the obnoxious Scaramucci and his family that he sacrificed his family and his long term career goals to worship at the feet of his idol, Donald Trump.
I’ve been saying for months that Donald Trump is a danger to himself and others, and I mean it. That phrase is normally used in legal and medical circles to describe a mentally ill person who needs hospitalization so that he/she won’t commit suicide or attack another person. When I use ti about Trump, I am describing a mentally ill person with a lifetime history of malignant narcissism, greed, lust and megalomania that has led him into 3 marriages, 4 bankruptcies and a life full of turmoil. A life in which he wakes up before dawn and sends out self-pitying tweets in which he proclaims himself the victim of the world’s greatest witch hunt. He is a billionaire with a beautiful wife and the most powerful job in the world, but he is not and cannot be happy.
And everyone in his life except Ivanka, Melania and Barron have been victims of their proximity to Donald Trump. And given that he’s gotten Ivanka and Jared involved in his Trump family money laundering operation, It’s almost inevitable that Jared, and possibly Ivanka, will be next.
This will not end well for Donald Trump, the Republican Party, or America.
The decision to remove Mr. Scaramucci came at the request of the new chief of staff, John Kelly, people close to the decision said.

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