251 images of the world in crisis. Will Boss Trump make his usual weekly golf junket to Mar-Y-Lago?.... I know, let's pray for him... just him, coz the rest of us are screwed, as we've known for a long time... Rush Limbaugh says this is all a conspiracy to make the climate change deniers look bad.. really!.. look it up.... and the dittoheads believe him.
O, those pesky Chinese - look what they've started with their duplicitous 'climate change hoax!' -- Bring the nation together, Boss Trump. Get some more preachers to praise your holiness in that comfy dry oval office. Now comes the work associated with winning the popularity contest -- Hurricane Irma is filling the swamp back up -- drain it like you promised, Boss Trump. -- and now I officially apologize to all I have offended, including myself, for mixing politics with this serious situation. My bad. Sending prayers, concern, love, and blessings to my weary, battered, fearful American brothers and sisters. This is simply a physical manifestation of what has already been going on for months -- the destruction of the American dream at the hands of the swamp bottom feeders.

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