Jeff Flake

I cannot applaud this speech enough. It took a lot of guts for this senator to stand up and say these words - and they REALLY need to be said - and heard by everybody. I encourage all of my Facebook friends and contacts to listen to this speech, whether you agree with opinions I've posted here on Facebook, or not.
Senator Flake's words here supersede politics, but they don't ignore them either. I'm not posting this because his words are critical of Trump, though they certainly are, but because he's also addressing partisan politics as well, and he wishes to see a return of the days where our government actually works together to improve this country. There should be no "winning" or "losing" when it comes to what our government does. Our government was built to serve our country as a whole - not just one political party. Every decision made should be made with the intention that it makes a positive impact, and represents the needs of our country. Hopefully this speech by Senator Flake echo around those walls. We need more of this.
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who has sparred…

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