John McCain

I have sometimes disagreed with senator John McCain about issues, but I have never questioned his patriotism. In a way, this very important speech of his reminds me of president Eisenhower's speech warning America about the dangers of the military industrial complex. Because John McCain knows his end is near, there is no need for him to lie or gloss over anything from now on. Please, pass this on to your right wing friends and relatives who are enamored with a Resurgence of Nazi fascism and nationalism. Have them listen to this man of impeccable credentials criticize Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and all the other fake Patriots who would destroy our Unity and our democracy, and our 75 years of hard work in trying to keep and maintain peaceful relationships throughout the world. Have we succeeded? Yes, and no... but consider the alternative... Total chaos replaced by dictators and the fundamental loss of our freedom, not to mention nuclear war. Nationalism sometimes is called isolationism, and it has been proven to be ineffective in safeguarding countries from aggression.
Here's to John McCain. Live long and prosper, sir!

America is about what America stands for, McCain said.

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