Why should we pay anything that made free to all people?the government didn't pay for it either!i say that the government gouges enough from us as it is!let the rich pay the bills for a change it be about time!now wouldn't that be drastic change!and about time! Sense we been carrying the pathetic republicans long enough its their turn now!(Big phonies) as if they ever!!!did anything for anyone that isn't related to them God forbid do anything to help anyone to have t else! They say ten let us care for ourselves when they're take it from us we would take crape from every republican and they say save your 💰 but how can we?...they expect us to pay their taxes too!so who's the cheapskates now? But do they ever admit it?nooooooo!!!
The NAACP, the nation's most prestigious civil rights group, urged African-Americans to boycott American Airlines after a series of "discriminatory" incidents.

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