National Park Service

How do you weaken the American people? Take away their values, is the answer. The National Park Service didn't charge fee's for entrance for a very long time. When fees began it was intended to be a 'nominal fee' to pay for the service itself, and very little went toward the lands. A beggar could visit a National Park with one coin. That equilibrium was lost already and now we are being expected to pay for the glut and mismanagement of the system. You go ahead and hike fees like we all know you all will. Enjoy 'your America' that is already denied to the elderly the poor. Soon, this agenda will change and proposals of hotels and casino's and other revenue making facilitating entities will follow. Yes, you go and enjoy 'your new America', because mine was very different. RIP America. I think we need to abolish National Parks Services and leave them open to everyone. We don't need your scum to destroy our beautiful lands.
The National Park Service is proposing higher entrance fees at 17 parks.

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