Poll: Americans think the Congress should strive for a party and compromise

A Gallup poll released on Monday morning revealed that 54 percent of Americans want Washington to compromise in order to make a deal. Only 18 percent want political leaders to remain in their beliefs, even if this is not enough, is a new low. And 28 percent fall in one place. The gap between encouragement and adherence to principles is the broadest one since Gallup, Asked the question.

Four percent of the Republican voters and irrespective of whether or not they are elected, the republic's leaders prefer a compromise, and only 23 percent favor alternatives. Leaders will maintain their convictions. Meanwhile, 62 percent of Democrats and the Independent, who want a compromise for Democrats, and only 12 percent believe in their beliefs.

"The general idea that we must keep all our expenses for our beliefs is against the will of the people," said Frank Grenad, editor-in-chief of Gallup, Yahoo News. "I think one of the biggest challenges facing America today is the heroism of the public and the lack of confidence in their elected representatives. I think this data shows what society wants them to do, which will allow them to restore that respect. No matter whether they do it or not. "

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