Wendy Williams

LISTEN....this was not overheating. I don't care what Wendy Williams said on live TV. I hope that Wendy has gotten herself checked out by medical professionals and has had a neurology exam done. TIA's and strokes are nothing to play with. Your general health is nothing to play with. No amount of money on any TV show is worth sacrificing your health. I know we (people of color) don't like going to the doctor or hospital for "little things" but sometimes it's those little things that warn us about the bigger things that will leave us totally incapacitated if we ignore them. #gotothedoctor #getregularcheckups#alldoctorsarenotthedevil #hospitalsexistforareason
Wendy Williams overheated in her Halloween costume and fainted on her show, but came right back after a commercial break like a champ! She definitely gave he...

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