Spain, in prison the vice president and the seven ministers. He called for a European arrest warrant for Puigdemont

The seven members of the Catalan government have been hired by the Spanish prosecutor's office for the arrest. An unprecedented measure which the judge of the Audiencia Nacional, Carmen Lamela, had given his consent without hesitation to eliminate any "risk of absconding". From about 19:30, former Vice-President Oriol Junqueras , Jordi Turull (President), Josep Rull(Territory),  Carles Mundo (Justice), Raul Romeva (Foreign) and Joaquim Forn (Inside) are in Estremera prison in Madrid. While the two women, Meritxell Borras (Government) and Dolors Low(Work), are detained in the female prison of Alcala, just outside the Spanish capital. Called this morning, they all appeared before the judge but refused to answer the questions.
Spain, in prison the vice president and the seven ministers.  He called for a European arrest warrant for Puigdemont
The seven former Catalan ministers for whom arrest was sought: from the left, Joaquim Forn, Dolors Bassa, Raul Romeva, Carles Mundo, Jordi Turull, Maritxel Borras and Joseph Rull. In addition, the Vice President of the Generalid of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras, was also asked
Heavy charges: they are accused of "rebellion" , sedition and malpractice, they risk up to 30 years in jail. The same judge justifies the measure by a "flight risk" of the accused, and the ability to "re-offending" and "destruction of evidence." And the magistrate alludes to the former governor Puigdemont and four other members of the deceased Governor who are repaired in Belgium: "It is enough to remember that some of the appellants have already moved to other countries to avoid any criminal responsibility they might have incurred."

The only one to have obtained the released release was former Minister Santi Vila: he resigned the day before the declaration of independence and was the only one to have responded this morning to the questions of the judge for forty minutes. But in the afternoon his lawyer announced that he would not pay any bail and go in prison "together with other companions for solidarity." 

It is foreseeable in the near future a similar measure of detention, but in this case with a European arrest warrant, also for Carles Puigdemont , the outgoing chair of the Catalan Region, which is on Monday in Belgiumalong with four former councilors-ministers. The Spanish prosecutor has already called for it, "so is the normal procedure," said Spanish President Carlos Lesmes in the morning. 

According to La Vanguardia , Judge Lamela is finishing the drafting of the measure in these hours, but he still would not issue it. With Puigdemont , theyalso risk Clara Ponsatí, Mertitxell Serret, Antoni Comin and Lluís Puig . It would then be up to Belgian justice to execute the order and decide whether to send the defendants to prison. At least until a court decides on any extradition in Spain, within a maximum span of about two months.

The former Catalan president has decided not to appear in public for now but from his twitter profile wrote: "The legitimate government of the region imprisoned for his ideas and being faithful to the mandate approved by the parliament Catalan". In a second message, with the photo of the thousands of citizens coming down the street for protest, the independent leader adds: "The rabid clan of the 155 (the law that was applied by Madrid to take over the government, ndr ) wants the jail. serene clan of the Catalans, freedom " 

" Prison for all, a sense of great injustice, a very sad day for democracy, "writes Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, Puigdemont's lawyer. "It's a dark day for Catalonia", so the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau who added: "The democratically elected government at the ballot box goes to jail" denounced, calling for a "common front to secure the release of political prisoners." "I am ashamed that my country is put in jail opponents - said Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos - .We do not want independence, but today demand freedom for political prisoners." 

Meanwhile, across the country, thousands of Catalans have concentrated in front of midday jobs to observe a minute of silence, answering the call of independent civil society organizations and protesting the "political process" launched against the government. The biggest concentration was that in front of the Palace of the Generalitat of Barcelona, ​​where the protesters shouted "Puigdemont is our President", "Libertat!", "They are Political Prisoners" and sang the hymn of Els Segadors. In all Catalonia it will complain for days: the independence Omnium Cultural Association has in fact called a week of protest will culminate in a "great event" on November 12. 

Before embezzling, independent leaders have launched calls for the Catalan population to remain calm. The same appeal was launched, "in indignation," by secretaries of Erc and Pdecat, Marta Pascal and Marta Rovira. 

So did Vice Governor Oriol Junqueras, leader of the first Catalan party, Erc, who wrote on Twitter: "In order for good to defeat evil, respond to Madrid with the vote of the December 21st elections. you can because good defeats evil in the urns. Stand firmly, to victory! "

Catalonia, Caracciolo: "With escalation as independent as possible, at risk of Spain and the EU"

But Madrid goes straight ahead and the Civil Guard has again entered the Mossos d'Esquadra commissariat, the Catalan police in Lleida, to seek information related to the October referendum on independence . Already the past 19 October the Guardia Civil had scoured the police station for 11 hours.

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