iPhone X, coming a cheap version? Operator offers Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Tre

iPhone X, coming a cheap version? Operator offers Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Tre

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  • Incoming economic version of iPhone X in 2018. The offers of the major telephone operators

    iPhone X Apple, coming the economic version? Operator offers Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Tre
    iPhone X, coming a cheap version? Operators offer Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Tre - While talking about the iPhone X  of the future that could have a battery with a capacity of more than 10%, Apple is ready to launch in the market in 2018 three  models iPhone, a new version of X, a Plus and a cheap 6.1-inch iPhone. The economic version would be the fourth model of the iPhone, which could be presented in the first half of 2018. As for the features, there is not much info about it, but probably does not have the function of wireless charging as the body will be fully realized made of resistant plastic, one of the reasons why it is an "economic" model. Returning to the next-generation Apple or Lg Chem battery  they are trying to produce a single-cell battery, L-shaped, instead of the one now in two cells, Apl. This is the indiscretion re-launched by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI. Apple and Lg Chem have been working hard in recent months to increase the capacity of current batteries. On the web there are still no discounted offers on the price of the new iPhone X, arrived on the market for a few weeks. Who wants to buy it at a reduced price or at preferential terms, could join the offers proposed by the main Italian managers, paying it in installments that we list on the following page.
  • Wind , whether you choose a rechargeable or subscription offer, to buy the new iPhone X offers you will have to pay an advance of 299.90 euros to buy the 64 GB variant, paying installments of 27 euros. La Tre proposes an all-inclusive offer, at a price of 25 euros for each monthly payment to purchase the smartphone, You can also choose the solution from 45 euros per month, depending on the promotion chosen by the user, while the advance payment is 229 euros for the 64 GB model or 399 euros for the 256 GB version. Tim gives the possibility with 30 monthly installments of 35 euros and advance from 149 or 319 euros depending on the version to be able to buy the new iPhone X. The Vodafone offerprovides for the payment of 30 installments of 30 euros per month by paying the advance from 149.99 or 299.99 euros depending on the version chosen, 64 or 256 GB. [....]

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