Austria deploys 600 agents at the border (but there are no migrants)

The right-wing government confirms its hard line and "shows the muscles" as its predecessors had already done. But at least two years, the illegal passages at the Brenner are reduced to a few tens.

Another 600 policemen deployed at the Brenner and along its borders: the anti-migrant policy announced by the new right-wing central government in Vienna comes alive. Peter Goldbruger, secretary general of the foreign ministry, announced to the Austrian agency Apa the "change of pace". The strengthening of border controls was shortly confirmed by Interior Minister Herbert Kickl. "We have effective controls, but 2015 should not be repeated," he specified, alluding to the season when they tried to move north from the Brenner hundreds of immigrants landed in Italy or arrived at the border through the Balkan route.

The 2016 checkpoint and armored vehicles
The new measures will start gradually by mid-2018. Agents currently engaged in road and rail controls will be posted. In case of need, the containers will be set up and the fences, already prepared, will be raised to ensure tight border checks within 48 hours. The ultra-popular and popular coalition confirms the restrictive politics announced in the electoral campaign, but in reality it is not the first time that Vienna tries to "show the muscles" towards neighboring countries and Italy in particular. In 2016, the construction of a check point was planned to control all vehicles in transit at the Brenner and the use of armored vehicles as well. In reality, a normal shelter was built and the armored vehicles remained in the depots.

The «tough» Kickl
In spite of the bombastic declarations, then, the situation in this sector of the Alpine border has been quiet for some time and the illegal migrant passages are counted in a few dozen per month. Numbers that have not discouraged Kickl, exponent of the hardest wing of the right-wing party Fpoe and already close collaborator of the then party leader Georg Haider. In fact, a few days ago he had stirred up controversy, speaking of the need to "concentrate" asylum seekers in basic assistance centers. Now, Kickl denies any reference to the concentration camps, returning to the sender the warning received by the President of the Republic Alexander Van der Bellen.

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