Ema: government appeal to the EU Court for incomplete data

It will be presented in the next hours by advocacy


The Italian Government confirms that in the coming hours the State Attorney will appeal to the European Court of Justice regarding the assignment to Amsterdam of Ema's headquarters through a decision taken substantially by the European Council. The sources of Palazzo Chigi say so. The appeal will ask the Court to check whether the decision on Amsterdam is not considered to be vitiated by incomplete information on the agency's headquarters. The appeal - reiterate sources of Palazzo Chigi - appears due to the news that appeared yesterday about the headquarters intended to host the Agency. At the same time - the same sources confirm - the Municipality of Milan will also present an appeal to the Court of First Instance which can be contacted by those who are "directly involved" in European decisions. 

In the aftermath of the news that Amsterdam will not be ready to assign the headquarters of the Agency of the drug, Italy is preparing to appeal. The mayor of Milano Sala had explained that he had insurance from Gentiloni: 'I called him and I told him: it's time to be aggressive . From what he told me, and certainly will be so, today the appeal starts. Explain that anger is useless, but asks the government to raise its voice. But the EU Commission has meanwhile to know that the decision was of the 27 Member States and there is nothing to add. Minister Lorenzin: 'It is not a question of bell towers but of the Agency's operations, and Milan is ready'. The appeal of the Italian Government to the European Court of Justice "", said the mayor to Skytg24 adding that" today is the last day. "" It's difficult - he added - but I insist that you have to try "to get Ema's office in Milan." It's ridiculous that now the Dutch get a C plan out, "he said.

To contest the assignment of the Ema headquarters, the European Medicines Agency, in Amsterdam the City of Milan, to what is learned, will present a parallel appeal and linked to that of the government . The deadline for presenting it is today's midnight, that is, within two months and ten days of the decision to assign, through a draw, to the city of Amsterdam the new headquarters of the agency, which will leave London following the Brexit.

The suspicion that Amsterdam was not ready to host the European agency of the drug Ema, after having torn it in Milan by a whisker, is therefore a certainty: the building is still not there , and the transfer of all staff and activities from London it is bound to suffer delays and additional costs. The alarm comes directly from the executive director of Ema, Guido Rasi, and reopens the controversy: the Italian government is ready to appeal, and the Speaker of the Chamber Laura Boldrini, the Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, the President of the Lombardy Region Roberto Maroni and Mayor Beppe Sala return to office by proposing Milan.
"The European Parliament - said Antonio Tajani - in full autonomy and independence and as co-legislator will express its decision on the transfer and the new headquarters of Ema, I am sure that, as always, the European Parliament will protect the interests of European citizens ".

In light of what is emerging on the assignment to the Ema headquarters in Amsterdam, sources of Palazzo Chigi say that the government will take every appropriate initiative at the European Commission and the competent EU institutions so that, even as a result of the statement by the Director of the Agency , the possible reconsideration of the decision that saw Milan beaten in the final draw is assessed. In a press conference with the Dutch authorities, Rasi has indeed brought the situation to light: the new building of Ema is not yet ready, and the transitional solution proposed by the Dutch "is not optimal", because it "halves" the space of the venue from London. Which adds "layers of complexity" to the transfer and will lengthen the time to get back to running regularly.

Ema will have to be operational in Amsterdam from the first day of Brexit, that is March 30, 2019, but "the final building will not be ready by then and we will have to go to a temporary location in the city", explains Rasi. "This double transfer will force us to invest more resources, and will extend the 'continuity plan', that is, we will spend more on returning to normal operations," he added. In recent weeks, Rasi has been discussing the temporary building with the Dutch authorities, putting the initial proposals to a halt.

The Dutch therefore had to look for another solution, which however "is not the optimal one". Because "we only have half the space compared to the London premises". But as time passes, "even if these buildings are not ideal, they are the best option based on the current temporal constraints". "Milan was ready and operational, it would have been better to decide on technical elements without relying on fate.We have to ask the question in the European Commission," wrote Lorenzin in a tweet. Even Maroni makes himself heard: "But how, Amsterdam is not ready? We have made fun of the citizens' health can not be joking Dear EU Commission, Ema reports in Milan, immediately: the Pirellone is ready and available". And the mayor Sala announced that he was in contact with President Gentiloni "to evaluate all possible initiatives". The room for maneuver is very narrow, but a possibility, at least in terms of political discussion, could come from the EU Parliament. "If it did not agree with the Council" on the seat - said the undersecretary of European affairs Sandro Gozi - "then a discussion would open between the two institutions".

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