Personal loans: focus on debtors

Personal loans: focus on debtors

Behind the request for a personal loan there is often a financial misunderstanding: a photograph of Italian debtors.
Often behind the request for a personal loan is a previous financial misunderstanding , although this aspect may have a negative impact on the access to credit requested.

According to an analysis conducted by and, 9.72% of those who make the request for a loan had in the past a problem with other credit companies A percentage that increases if the sales of the fifth are requested .
The survey, conducted on the requests presented between November 2017 and January 2018, also shows how the average request for debtors with previous financial problems is around € 13800 to be repaid in five years.
"Having had a financial misunderstanding in the past - says Andrea Bordigone, manager of loans loans for - ​​does not necessarily preclude access to credit by the debtor. In this sense, the figure of the consultant often becomes determined; being able to define a sustainable and adequate loan request, and choosing the most suitable credit company can make the difference between a positive or negative final result ».
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