Trump cut off from the "old politics" on shutdown

Trump cut off from the "old politics" on shutdown

If the American paralysis is already over, or at least postponed, the merit for once is of the old politics. By circumventing the so-called "nuclear option" proposed by Donald Trump , the old republican guard held out his hand to the democratic opposition . The president pushed to the final clash, proposing to change the rules of the game and to vote the budget laws by simple majority. A double-edged sword: if in November the elections were to deliver the Senate to the left, the Republicans would lose all influence on public spending. Their leader Mitch McConnell has preferred - against the opinion of the president - to safeguard a civil relationship with the opposition. He has taken the guarantor of the fact that there will be a solution to the problem ofDreamers who care about the left: the 800,000 immigrants without residence permits who came here as children, have grown to all effects as Americans, and risk being expelled to countries with which they no longer have ties. Democratic senators seem to trust the promise.

The agreement allows you to save time by refinancing the Federal Administration until 8 February. No shutdowns, the activities of the government normally resume until then. From here on February 8th the Democrats would have the opportunity to verify if the promise on the Dreamers is maintained. Certainly Trump's media campaign has also had an impact on them, which accuses them of "putting the interests of illegal immigrants in front of those of the majority of citizens who are denied public services". Above all those senators who have to be re-elected in November in colleges where Trump won in 2016, do not want to go for "the party of illegal immigrants". In the end, however, the impasse came out with an ancient method, those bipartisan mediations that are part of the "professionalism" of a political class so despised. Who knows that today he rules, tomorrow he can find himself in opposition. He knows therefore that there are rules of the game to be honored and kept alive in the interest
of a civil democracy. The Trump method, the chief executive who gives orders and wants to be obeyed, has been temporarly placed in brackets. The game is long, however, and the first budget will arrive in November when voters will choose a new Congress.

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