Trump in Davos, first talks with Netanyahu and May. "Palestinians negotiate or cut aid"

Trump in Davos, first talks with Netanyahu and May.  "Palestinians negotiate or cut aid"

Waiting to defend his protectionist recipe at the World Economic Forum, the US president reiterates his decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem and dictates its conditions to Abu Mazen. Which replies: "So it excludes any negotiation". United States and Great Britain towards normalization: Donald's visit, left on standby after much controversy, will be done by 2018
THE PRESIDENT of the United States Donald Trump arrived in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum. While waiting for the discourse with which it should respond to the harsh attacks launched by European leaders and tigers of the Far East, dictating the ingredients of a protectionist recipe able to convince its goodness well beyond the short term, first of all the productive apparatus and US commercial, President Trump has held particularly sensitive talks, such as the underlying scenarios: escalation in the Middle East and the normalization of relations with Great Britain. 

In Davos Trump he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a week after Mike Pence's visit to Israeland the reaffirmed commitment of the US administration to take the American embassy to Jerusalem by 2019, with the American vice president hardly contested by Israeli Arab deputies to the Knesset. "We have disrespected - the words of Trump from Davos - We have given the Palestinians hundreds of millions of dollars of aid, money that we will not pay more, unless we sit down and negotiate peace. Jerusalem argument from the table, but we have an excellent solution for the Palestinians, able to satisfy everyone ". But Trump also added that "Israel will pay" the recognition of Jerusalem as its capital, implicit in the transfer of the diplomatic headquarters in the Holy City,

Netanyahu has not pulled back, saying "ready for peace". "To Trump - he explained in a conversation with the American journalist Fareed Zakaria - I reiterated my will, and the will of Israel, to undertake an effort to achieve peace with the Palestinians, an effort that is strengthened by this team - alluding to the US administration - very competent Jerusalem was the capital from the birth of Israel, Trump has simply recognized history With whatever peace agreement, Jerusalem will always remain our capital, our institutions will be there ". The Prime Minister reiterated that, from Israel's point of view, Jerusalem should remain united with "complete freedom of worship for all" and said he was always ready to meet Palestinian President Abu Mazen, "

Abu Mazen's reply came through his spokesperson. "If the question of Jerusalem is out of the table, the US will stay out of that table," said Nabil Abu Rudeinah, reiterating the Palestinian position: with Trump, the US has become part of the problem, not its solution. The words of Trump in Davos "are unacceptable", the spokesman continued, finally dictating the conditions to return to the negotiating table: "The Palestinians are ready to engage in a peace process" based on the two-state solution, also supported by the European Union and its leaders, one of which is "the Palestinian state with East Jerusalem capital, and the United States excludes itself from the negotiation if it does not retreat from the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel".

After Netanyahu, the change of register has the face of Theresa May, which Trump has also met in the elite Swiss mountain resort. The note was issued by the British government: the president of the United States is expected to visit the United Kingdom within the year. The office of the first English minister then added that the two leaders "asked their staff to coordinate in order to finalize the details of the visit" by Trump. A particularly meaningful visit to the normalization of UK relations with a privileged ally like the United States. Report entered into crisis, as will be remembered, last June, in the hours following the terrorist attack on the London Bridge, when the liberal and Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, he had defended the tolerance and inclusive social policies of the British capital as a weapon against extremism. Khan was so finished with becoming the object of thetrump of Trump , who on Twitter had called him a "fake: at least seven dead and 48 injured in a terrorist attack and the mayor of London says that there is no reason to be alarmed". On the other hand, Trump exalted his ban on travel by citizens of Muslim countries in the United States. 

Khan was not there and with an online petition he collected 2 million signatures to induce the May government to withdraw the invitation to Trump for an official visit "guest of the Queen".The parliament of Westminster had discussed the issue, fearing large demonstrations of protest over the arrival of Trump. Not having to host it at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth herself had downgraded the state visit to a "work" visit. Theresa May, who had personally delivered the invitation to Trump during his visit to the White House, also publicly criticized the American president and right about the first statements regarding the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as the tweets with Donald had relaunched a video produced by a British right wing xenophobic group.

At the end, the official invitation to Trump has never been withdrawn. But it took time to dissolve the poisonous toxins released by the polemics in diplomatic relations between Britain and the United States. Which, for different reasons, both have haste and need to make peace. Started towards Brexit, London sees in a commercial agreement as a privileged partner of Washington one outlet guarantee for its future exchanges. Washington, in turn, knows that a London linked to the US commercially would end up being more easily politically. Finally a voice out of the European chorus, today practically a unison critic for Trump.

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