United States Navy

Further blame, and as put before me today, they blamed the owner,Larry my elder friend, Tony the owner, they thought i wanted fat bottomed girls, they thought i wanted this that and other, as they always state. They really tried to pin it on Marty, as Phil Murphy sworn in, my gym flipped. Quit going through the devil to determine what im comfortable with, i said the gym had been good, they intentionally ruined it today, cost me money, time, lack of therapy and ruined any opportunity to socialize. And last, some devil always states, "they dont want me to meet anybody" That has been going on intermittently the past five years, solidly the previous six years "no sex for you America! 7:25"
By MikeMurphy Editor The commanders of two U.S. Navy ships involved in fatal collisions last year will face negligent homicide charges, according to report late…

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