"Arms to teachers". Storm on Donald

Controversy on the sentences of the US president who then corrects the shot: "guns only to those highly trained"

"Arms to teachers".  Storm on Donald

It is a storm on the words of the American president, Donald Trump, who, a few days after the shooting in a school in Florida in which 17 boys died, said he was in favor of the hypothesis of arming teachers in schools to prevent massacres, a similar position to that assumed by the powerful American arms lobby, the National Rifle Association (NRA) in 2012, after the massacre of 20 children in the elementary school Sandy Hook. "If you had a skilled teacher with weapons you could have put an end to the attack very quickly," Trump said, receiving about forty survivors, teachers and relatives of the victims of the February 14 massacre in Florida at the White House. While admitting that the plan is controversial, the president noted that "a teacher could have a hidden weapon with him, he could be trained and in this case he would have been there ", ready to intervene. NRA has long been willing to finance programs to increase armed personnel in schools. With respect to the proposal to ban the purchase of weapons under 21, a ban that would have prevented the author of the massacre in Florida to arm themselves, Trump has shown openings. Net, however, the no of the arms lobby: "The legislative proposals to prevent law-abiding citizens aged 18 to 20 to buy rifles and carbines, which in fact prevent them from purchasing any type of weapon from fire, deprives them of the constitutional right of self-defense, "threw the Public Affairs Director of NRA, Jennifer Baker. "We will continue to oppose measures to control weapons that only punish citizens who respect the law," he warned. The mother of a six-year-old son who died in Sandy Hoop has openly told the president that arming teachers is not the solution. "We can not disappoint them. We have to keep our kids safe, "tweeted Trump after the meeting. «I will always remember the time spent today with brave students, teachers and families», the president tweeted, who then to stop the controversy corrected the shot: «I never said" give weapons to teachers "as it was said about the Fake CNN and NBC news. What I said - says Trump - is to evaluate the possibility of giving weapons, to be worn out of sight, to experienced teachers of weapons, with a military past or special training - only the best. 20% of teachers, a significant percentage, would be able to respond immediately to the fire if a madman came to school with threatening intentions ". However, it is not enough to calm the controversy. Contrary to the proposal to arm teachers was expressed by the Republican Senator Marco Rubio during the event organized by CNN with survivors of the massacre in Florida, MPs and representatives of NRA. "You do not need to put weapons in the hands of teachers. We have to arm teachers with more money in their pockets, "added Robert Runcie, the superintendent of public schools in Broward County, where Douglas High School is located, the scene of last week's massacre. Meanwhile, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took to the field in the arms debate, siding with the students who ask for a reform. "I am totally enchanted by extraordinary students in Florida. Like any movement for progress, arms reform requires extraordinary courage and resistance. But Barack Obama and I believe in you, we are proud of you and we will be with you every step, "wrote the former First Lady on Twitter. But several schools are threatening students who are planning to demonstrate across the United States, warning that those who protest by deserting class time may suffer severe retaliation. The superintendent of the Needville Independent School district of Houston, Curtis Rhodes, warned in a Facebook post that "anyone involved in political protests will be suspended for three days".

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