Erdogan in Rome, many business, respected (human) rights, zero

On the strength of the iron pact with Putin, of being raised to defend the cause of Jerusalem, the Turkish president dictates his conditions to Europe

Offers friendship, alliance, business. It is enough, however, not to ask him about the "Great Purge" post-coup, the hundreds of journalists put in jail, the war unleashed in Syria against the Kurds. Because Recep Tayyp Erdogan arrives tonight in Rome as a winner. Strong of the iron pact with Putin, of having risen to defend the cause of Jerusalem, the Turkish president plays the attack and dictates his conditions to a Europe that has already filled him with billions of euros to become "Great Guardian" of the external borders of the Old Continent.
An army of 3500 policemen and soldiers will watch over the security of the visit of the "Sultan of Ankara" to Rome. The most awaited commitment is that with Pope Francis at the Vatican, followed by meetings with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. At 9.30 am the Pope's private audience will be held in Erdogan. At the end, the latter will go to the secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, with whom he will deepen the issues on the agenda: from the situation in the Holy Land to that in Syria, not neglecting the theme, indigestible to the Turkish president, human rights.
Erdogan entrusts an interview with the editor of La Stampa , Maurizio Molinari, the meaning and the sign of his official visit: Bergoglio will propose a joint action to mend the tear on Jerusalem by the US President Donald Trump: Jerusalem as a World Heritage Site, says Erdogan, a shared city to give a new perspective to the "two-state" solution.
Geopolitics and business: it is the language that Erdogan will speak with Mattarella and Gentiloni. After acting as a "cap" on the Balkan route, the leader of Ankara promises Italy a commitment on the Libyan front for the stabilization of the North African country - Ankara has close relations with the strong man of Cyrenaica, General Khalifa Haftar - and for a containment of migratory flows also on the Mediterranean rota. As for the Kurds, who have been attacked for two weeks in Syria, Erdogan is not war against a troublesome minority (the specter of the Great Kurdistan is the most feared) but it is part of the war on terrorism, as was that against ISIS. So, no lessons from Europe. Erdogan knows that in Rome several protest protests will welcome him. He does not care and the director of La Stampa says: "
The mobilization against its presence in Italy is wide and varied. In the front row of course there is the Kurdish network , which denounces "Erdogan's blood-stained hands", a "criminal who is killing civilians in Syria as he killed them in Turkish territory" Kurdistan Network recalls the front row role played by the JPY Kurdish militias in the victorious war against the Islamic State and asks to "stand by the Kurdish people and not those who destroy their history and cultural identity", announcing a protest demonstration in Rome tomorrow morning maintained by law enforcement outside the "green area" where it will not be allowed to demonstrate.
That the independent press is not in the graces of the Turkish president is now known (especially by more than 120 journalists imprisoned because carriers of truth inconvenient), but this idiosyncrasy is also valid abroad, since less than an afterthought is not in fact no press conference is planned at the Vatican or at Palazzo Chigi.
But to remember the massacre of human rights and freedom of information perpetrated by the Turkish Islamist international regime will be many, starting with the National Federation of the Italian press, Article 21, Amnesty Internationalwho ask Mattarella and Gentiloni not to put the issue of rights between paranthesis sacrificing it on the altar of geopolitics and military affairs (recently Turkey, France and Italy have signed an agreement for the development of a long-range air defense system, entrusted the Franco-Italian consortium Eurosam and the Turkish partners Aselsan and Roketsam and supported by a letter of intent signed by the Minister of Defense Pinotti with colleagues Nurettin Canikli and Florence Parly). It is not enough. The soldiers of Erdogan have used helicopters of Italian manufacture and, in particular, the T-129 Atak that is A-129 Agusta Mangusta produced under license Leonardo, in the offensive on Afrin: to report it, in recent days, were the Syrian Kurds of the 'YPG.
Erdogan's "backing" was also the report, made public yesterday, by Human Rights Watch(HRW), which documents the use of "lethal force" by Turkish border guards to stem Syrian asylum seekers fleeing "thousands" in particular from the offensive launched by the army of Ankara against the Kurdish city of Afrin in the north of the country but also from the north-western province of Idlib. According to the UN, the number of displaced people fleeing the offensive launched last December by government troops in the province of Idlib has risen to 272 thousand people. Many Syrians tried to cross the border with Turkey, but they were targeted by border guards "

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