Flatulence during the flight, a fight breaks out on board a plane: emergency landing in Vienna

The Transavia company has "banned" four passengers for life, who now also risk having to pay the costs of the unexpected.

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An airplane departed from Dubai and bound for Amsterdam was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna due to a fight broke out on board. The reason for the quarrel? The excessive flatulence of a passenger who, despite repeated complaints from the neighbors , has continued to annoy them. After trying unsuccessfully to quell the dispute, the pilot was forced to land in Austria by intervening with the police.
After landing the plane of the Dutch company  Transavia , the agents took four passengers allegedly responsible for the fight: they are two men and two women, who were subsequently released without any formal charge against them. The company has nevertheless decided to prohibit the protagonists of the story from traveling again on board its planes. In a statement, the company then explained that the crew's behavior, dutifully intervening in a situation that "put the safety of the flight at risk", was unexceptionable. 

The four passengers risk instead having to cover the costs that the airline had to bear for the unexpected airport in ViennaFor their part, the two women "banned" by Transavia claim to be strangers to the quarrel: " We did not do anything - explained to De Telegraaf Nora Lachhab, a 25-year-old student." Our misfortune was to be sitting next to those guys, that we did not even know ". For the young woman, of Moroccan origins, "the experience was humiliating and the Transavia staff behaved provocatively, shaking the waters even more".

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