Galaxy S9, the price of the new Samsung: the advances are confirmed

Samsung #Galaxy S9 is about to be presented. Tomorrow (25 February 2018) in the late afternoon the veil will be removed and finally we will understand in an official way if all the anticipations arrived in these months were correct or not. [VIDEO]
But there is really the feeling that on the new flaghship of the Samsung house there is very little yet to know. The great attention that has been given by the media in recent weeks has brought to light a large part of the characteristics that will have and are not expected resounding twists.

Galaxy S9: not many news

Samsung Galaxy # S9 has an important goal. The Korean giant, in fact, will put it on the market with the hope that it will repeat the union of judgments had on S8 .
The top of the 2017 range, in fact, satisfied both the critics and the users. It was a device that, in many ways, revolutionized the market thanks to its shapes and almost total zeroing of the frames. S9 should be an upgrade of what was the phone of the year 2017, with the variation of some aspects that represent the few defects of S8. In this sense, the first aspects that come to mind were not exceptional autonomy and a fingerprint sensor placed in a position that was not "reachable" with the fingers. According to the rumors S9 should mount a more powerful processor but that can feed with less energy ensuring a longer battery life that should not grow under the profile of the amperage. And, apparently, the release with the impression will be facilitated by the placement of the sensor in an area of ​​the back of the phone more " ergonomic ".

There is curiosity to understand how much S9 Plus will differ from the standard version, given that this year the discrepancies of the technical data will not only affect the length of the display diagonal and the capacity of the battery.

Samsung S9: prices

Samsung Galaxy S9 , however, seems to have absolute certainty: at least at Day One will cost a lot. A lot. A leak of news coming from Spain and determined by the anticipated vision[VIDEO] of a poster would speak of a phone that should cost 849 euros in the standard version and 1000 euros in the Plus version. Italy, however, should represent one of those countries where Due to taxation, the figures should be adjusted by several tens of euros upwards. The official is now awaited. #Samsung Galaxy S8

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