Give up to last. Now Angela Merkel can govern another four years

The Spd of Schulz and the Csu of Seehofer are smiling. What is the program for the new Grosse Koalition?

"It is the first social democratic government led by a chancellor of the CDU" says Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of Bild, summarizing his opinion on the agreement between Union and SPD reached this morning. An opinion shared by the entire German press and which also confirms to the HuffPost also Mark Kayser, political scientist and professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin"It is a victory for Schulz, but it is not yet final: its biggest internal opponents are the young Social Democrats who in recent weeks have recruited 24,000 new members - for a total of 463,000 members - only to be able to vote no now to the agreement with Angela Merkel, this does not mean that Schulz has obtained much from the coalition contract and this will be recognized by his party colleagues.With two ministries such as Finance and Foreign Affairs, will give the SPD a lot to weigh on Merkel's choices and to be appreciated by its voters, potentially curbing the haemorrhage of votes suffered at the last elections ".
The members of the CSU, the Bavarian sister of the CDU, are also smiling, and have obtained both the Interior, a key ministry in terms of managing asylum seekers, and confirming it to Transport. "Merkel has decided to work in two directions: on the one hand to open up even more to Europe, giving Schulz, as a probable Foreign Minister, the opportunity to discuss directly with Macron for a strengthening of the European Union, from another to tighten the links on immigration indicating in 200 thousand the maximum number of acceptances of asylum applications, thus satisfying the requirements of the CSU ".
The possible frictions between Spd and Csu, with the former who had declared that they would never have accepted a fixed limit of refugees and the CSU, which on this point had aimed their electoral campaign, could however lead to an early end of the government. "The leaders of the three teams are likely to have discussed this possibility, which is why the government program is so detailed: Merkel, unlike what many expected, should last for all four years."
The reflections on Italy? "Very positive, especially when compared to the risk, run immediately after the elections, of a" Jamaica "government, that is composed by the Union with Liberals and Greens. The Liberals would have obtained the direction of Finance and imposed a strict control on the public accounts of all EU member states, starting from Italy: Not only that: Schulz is a politician who firmly believes in Europe and will do all he can to keep all the pieces together, not giving life to a two-speed Europe, even if, perhaps, in the near future, he may have to confront again with Silvio Berlusconi, or who for him, as it happens in 2003 when he was defined by the then President of the Council ".
The main points of the government program developed by Union and SPD.
The maximum number of refugees arrived in Germany for family reunification will be set at one thousand per month. The rule will start in August, when the current suspension will cease.
European Union
More investments and definition of a budget to be allocated to the Eurozone, summarized, according to the Sdp, at the end of the austerity period. But we must wait to understand exactly the new German approach to the question.
Export of weapons
Reinforcement of controls on the export of firearms to Germany. Germany will not supply arms to all the countries involved in the war in Yemen, starting with Saudi Arabia, currently one of the largest purchasers of German arms.
Germany will strive to achieve the different climate goals already agreed by the international treaties for 2030 and 2030. A special commission will be set up to develop an action plan divided into areas (transport, agriculture, industry). The current minister of the environment Barbara Hendricks (in the SPD quota) has already admitted that Germany will almost certainly not reach the emission reduction target for 2020. The Greens have judged the agreement to be a failure.
Taxation to large multinational companies
We will undertake to find a way to tax, equally, large companies and internet giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon in Europe.
Real estate market
Checking rental prices to avoid speculation of owners at the expense of tenants. The contracts must be made public. For the SPD it is a victory, but for Reiner Wild, president of the association of Berlin renters, it is a rule that is of little use. "The only real threat is to punish the owners who ask for more than the maximum rent for the area and the type of apartment".
Investment of € 11 million over the next four years and the abolition of the so-called call for cooperation that prevents the federal government from investing in areas that are normally the responsibility of the individual regions (Länder ).
Massive investments to bring broadband throughout Germany. "By 2025 everyone must have the right to a fast internet". There is the possibility that the purpose turns into a law that obliges all providers in the market to get broadband across the German territory.
The glyphosate pesticide, the subject of a strong friction between Csu and Spd, will be declared illegal, as well as genetically modified crops. Experiments conducted on animals will be limited in number and modality and a label will be introduced that certifies "animal welfare" that certifies the good condition of the animals even within industrial farms.
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