Israeli fighter shot down in Syria. Netanyahu's Ira: "Iran plays with fire"

Israeli fighter shot down in Syria.  Netanyahu's Ira: "Iran plays with fire"

Israel accuses Tehran: "We will defend ourselves". Also shot down a Turkish helicopter in the border region of Hatay, two dead soldiers: President Erdogan threatens retaliation

TEL AVIV - Tension rises in the skies of the Middle East: an Israeli F16 has been shot down by Syrian defense systems, crashing near the Israeli village of Harduf. According to Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus, the downed jet was returning from Syria, where in the early morning light Israel conducted 12 raids on various military targets. A few hours later, adding a new element to an already convulsive day, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reported that a Turkish military helicopter was shot down during an operation against Kurdish militias in northern Syria. 

The Israeli reaction is very hard. After a day of convulsive meetings, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explicitly accused Iran of being behind the drone that violated Israeli airspace and behind the abatement of an F-16 in Syrian skies. "Iran has made this attempt (of attack) .It has violated our sovereignty by infiltrating its drone into Israeli airspace from Syria.Our policy is clear: Israel will defend itself against any aggression and any attempt to violate its sovereignty ", Netanyahu said after speaking with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, (an ally of Syria and therefore his own front with Iran) and with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. 

• TURKISH HELICOPTER  "One of our helicopters was shot down," Erdogan said in statements broadcast on television, threatening retaliation and promising that those responsible will pay "a high price". During the action, two Turkish soldiers were killed, Prime Minister Binali Yildrim added. The Turkish state news agency Anadolu reports that the incident occurred in the southern province of Hatay border. Since January 20, the Turkish armed forces, together with the Syrian allied rebels, are engaged in the "Olive branch" operation in the region of Afrin, a Kurdish enclave in the northwest of Syria, which effectively opened a new front in the war Syrian. 

According to the state TV in Damascus, the Israeli aircraft was "shot down" after being hit by the Syrian anti-aircraft and fell "in Galilee, occupied Palestine", according to the official Syrian terminology. The two pilots aboard the jet managed to launch with the parachute. One of them is in serious condition and has been transported to the hospital, according to the Israeli military spokesman. 

• EXCHANGE OF ACCUSATIONS  The Israeli attack against Syrian and Iranian targets started after the Israeli army intercepted an Iranian drone launched by Syria that, according to Tel Aviv, had entered the Israeli airspace. Hence the Israeli response in the area of ​​Tadmor, from which, according to Israel, the Iranian drone had left.

The charges were rejected by Teheran, Russia and Hezbollah, who, in a joint statement, denied the violation of airspace and accused Israel of lying to justify the response attacks in Syria, promising a "hard and firm response to every new aggression ". Foreign Minister spokesman Bahram Ghasemi defended Syria's right to self-defense from Tehran. 

Stops Israel's position: the military spokesman, General Ronen Manelis , denounced a "serious Iranian attack on Israeli territory", accusing Tehran of dragging the region into a situation that does not know how it will end, adding however not to want a escalation with Syria, while Colonel Jonathan Conricusspeaking with foreign journalists, he warned that "Syria and Iran are playing with fire", pointing out that today's Israeli operations had a "defensive character". 
Damascus later announced that he had rejected a second Israeli air strike near the Syrian capital, a few hours after the first. The official Sana agency announced it Sources in Damascus have reported that three fighters of the forces loyal to Assad died in Israeli raids.
The clash had ignited following what Israel called the drone incursion. "A combat helicopter successfully intercepted an Iranian drone launched by Syria and infiltrated in Israel: the aircraft was identified by air defense systems at an early stage and remained under surveillance until intercepted. Israeli defense targeted Iranian targets in Syria, "the Israeli military said. In a subsequent statement, a military spokesman added that Israel considers "Iran responsible for this serious violation of Israeli sovereignty". According to the media, the base from which the Iranian drone started is in Tadmor, in the Syrian desert.
It was the Israeli military radio station, soon after, to announce that an Israeli F16 plane that participated in the action in Syria fell while it was in Israeli territory. The F16 incident may have been caused by the massive anti-aircraft fire left by Syria. The demolition of the F16 was also confirmed by a Syrian military source who spoke of "Israeli aggression and the response of the defense forces that hit one or more airplanes". 

THE ANALYSIS Unprecedented escalation: the first jet shot down by VINCENZO NIGRO

The Israeli media stress that Saturday is the first case of a direct intervention by Iran against Israel, without going through Hezbollah, Hamas or other groups.

After the Israeli jet was down, flights departing and arriving at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport had been suspended for around 15 minutes. The airport has resumed functioning at full speed after being closed for a short time. This was reported by the media, the direction of the airport, according to which the take-offs had been suspended for 20 minutes. Now, according to the same source, everything has returned to normal.

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