Journalist killed in Slovakia, on the murder of the shadow of the 'ndrangheta

In the editorial board of the Aktuality newspaper where Jan Kuciak worked, they are certain: "Killed by the Calabrian clans". The reporter had also worked on the Panama Papers and was investigating the management of European funds. The Slovak government allocates one million euros for those providing details on the murder

Journalist killed in Slovakia, on the murder of the shadow of the 'ndrangheta"The 'Ndrangheta" killed him. In the editorship of Aktuality, the Slovak site for which Jan Kuciak worked, the Slovak journalist who was gunned down only to force him into silence, has little doubt. They say that to understand what is behind the assassination must pull a thread with Italy. It is no coincidence that in the home page of their newspaper stands a picture of the Carabinieri engaged in an operation against the 'Ndrangheta.

"We can not say exactly what happened, but we can reconstruct the mosaic of the one he was working in. And Jan - they say - was dealing with that." He had discovered how people who arrived in Slovakia from Calabria years ago were managing European funds with people close to the Prime Minister's office He had gathered data and information, there were reports and incontrovertible facts, he had arrived at the end of the investigation, he was ready to write. " It would seem that Kociak was following a trail that saw handling very important slices of this money from Italians tied to the 'ndrangheta.

Kuciak was 27 years old and was murdered in his home in Velka Maca, a town in the west of Slovakia, not too far from Bratislava, together with his girlfriend Martina Kušnírova, also 27 years old. They killed them by shooting him: Jan in the chest. Martina to the head. At Aktuyality, Kuciak had been working for three years. He was the leading journalist: he had been dealing with the European Union's structural funds, which rained on Slovakia, and which are often managed in a non-transparent manner. Kuciak had also worked on the Panama Papers, information leaked from the Mossack Fonseca studio, thanks to which it was possible to reconstruct the history and owners of more than 200 thousand offshore companies.

He had also led hard incaiste against the Social Democratic Prime Minister, Robert Fico, and in particular on two of his ministers: the Interior Minister, Robert Kalinak and the Finance Minister, Ján Pociatek. His latest goal, however, was an entrepreneur, Marian Kocner, who accused of fiscally non-transparent transactions and unclear businesses in the management of European funds. Just against Kocner, Kuciak had flung himself in recent days on Facebook saying he had filed a complaint because he had been threatened. "Absurd", however, said Kocner yesterday. The Government of Slovakia offered a reward
from a million euros to anyone who can provide useful details on the murder of Kuciak. Just as the Maltese government had done after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galicia, another European journalist. Another journalist killed because she could not tell anymore.

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