Massacre in a high school in Florida, the killer expelled after a quarrel | He was obsessed with his ex

The police denies that Cruz was in a group of white supremacists. The White House accusations: "He has cut the resources destined to the weapons control system, there are always greater risks"

There is a former 19-year-old student, Nikolas Cruz , behind the latest massacre in a high school in the United States, in Parkland , Florida. He had been expelled for a fight with his ex's boyfriend and, perhaps for this reason, he returned to the school with an assault rifle and opened fire, killing 17 people and injuring dozens. Cruz seems to have been obsessed with the girl , with whom in the past he had also been violent, and after the expulsion had begun to stalerise her .
A massacre especially of students, the authorities explained, even if no names of the victims will be revealed until the families have been informed. On the local media, however, the first names begin to circulate. Among the victims there would be the heroine teacher who has sheltered some students with her body, and one of the coaches of the school football team, while among the injured there would be the son of the deputy sheriff of the county. 

Criminalized for 17 premeditated murders - Nikolas Cruz was indicted on 17 counts of premeditated murder after being questioned for hours by US state and federal authorities. The judge has decided that he will be held without the possibility of bail. The young man, in court, wore the orange uniform of the prisoners.

Cruz confessed to the police - Cruz confessed to being the author of the shooting in the high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida. The former student told investigators that he had begun shooting students in corridors and school grounds and bringing other ammunition magazines hidden in a backpack to campus. When the students started to escape, he said he threw the shotgun and removed the clothes he was wearing to mingle with the crowd. 

The killer fired in 5 classes- As rebuilt by the local county sheriff, Cruz shot in five classes: first in three classrooms on the first floor, then returning to shoot in two of these, then in another class on the same floor. Finally he went up to the second floor and shot a person in the classroom. The young man then headed to a chain of small, inexpensive restaurants, buying a drink and then a McDonald's. He was later approached by a policeman and arrested 40 minutes after leaving the fast food. 

Police: no connection between Cruz and supremacists- There is no link between the author of the scholastic massacre and a group of white supremacists. This was stated by Grady Jordan, spokesman for the Leon County Sheriff's Office, where the white nationalist militia "Republic of Florida" is located and whose leader, Jordan Jereb, called Cruz a member of his group who had participated in exercises paramilitaries in Tallahassee. 

On the killer's social networks the armed photos -Meanwhile, chilling details emerge about the author of the massacre, who was arrested a few kilometers from the school one hour after opening fire. In various posts on Instagram the young man appears with arms in hand, including various guns and knives, and describes the act of shooting as "a therapy". Investigators talk about "disturbing" images and phrases, including some in which mocks Muslims. In almost every picture, the young man wears a black T-shirt and a scarf covering part of his face to conceal his identity. "Whatever was placed was on weapons, it's sick," says one of his former classmates, while others say that Nikolas always came to school armed. 

FBI advised in September- The Buzzfeed website reports that the FBI had been warned last September, by a blogger, of the presence on Youtube of a disturbing comment left on one of his videos by a user called Nikolas Cruz, as the author of yesterday's massacre in Florida: "I will become a professional of school massacres". Buzzfeed writes it. Ben Bennight, 36, also sent the screenshot of the comment to the Bureau and also reported it to Youtube, which removed it from the video. The day after the federal agents went to question Bennight asking him if he knew the author of the commentary and acquiring a copy of the screenshot. The FBI only remade alive yesterday after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but has not yet officially confirmed if the
In the United States the controversy over the use of arms is rekindled. Under accusation is the latest budget Donald Trump, which according to the associations that for years have been fighting against weapons, has cut millions of dollars for the "Gun Background Check System", the system of control over who wants to deal with it. A decision that threatens to "significantly undermine" efforts to keep guns and pistols away from dangerous hands. The two federal programs aimed at reinforcing background check to see if anyone who buys weapons is ill or has a criminal record has cut resources by 16%, from $ 73 million to $ 61 million.
With the Parkland massacre, three of the 10 worst mass shootings in modern American history have occurred in the last five months. And the last one immediately brought to mind the one at Columbine, a high school near Denver (Colorado) where 12 students and teachers were killed in 1999. The most dramatic remains however that of December 2012 in the elementary school of Sandy Hook at Newtown, Connecticut: 20 students and six adults died on that occasion.

Nicholas Cruz, the former student who has massacred in Florida

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