Russia, an airliner crashes near Moscow: 71 people on board, "no survivor"

The aircraft, of Saratov Airlines, had just taken off from the Russian capital and was headed to the city of Orsk, in the Urals. Found a black box. Yellow on reporting a fault

A Russian airliner crashed south-east of Moscow . The 71 people who were on board the Saratov Airlines aircraft, headed for the city of Orsk, in the Urals, all died. This was confirmed by the Russian Transport Minister, Maxim Sokolov, quoted by the Tass agency. The plane, just took off from the Moscow airport Domodedovo, crashed into a field to the south-east of the city, at a distance of about 80 kilometers.

Rushed five minutes after takeoff - The aircraft, an Antonov An-148, had taken off from Domodedovo airport and fell five minutes later, at 11.22 local time, into a field in the Ramensky district, near the village of Argunovo. He had disappeared from the radar just before he fell. Flight Radar has traced its descent, at a speed of 3,300 feet per minute (about a thousand meters per minute), before losing the signal.

Causes still to be clarified - The causes of the accident are not yet clear and an investigation has been opened. The Ministry of Transport has said that it is evaluating various tracks, including human error, technical failure and adverse weather conditions in the area.

Investigators: "No fault reports" -The crew of the aircraft did not report technical failures on board. Thus the spokesperson of the Russian Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko denies press reports that the pilot reported a technical problem. "It was established that no technical malfunction reporting was launched by the aircraft crew," he said as reported by the Tass.

"No evidence of helicopter crash" - No helicopter fragments were found at the scene of the plane crash. This was reported by a spokesman for the Russian Emergency Ministry at the Tass, commenting on media reports that AN-148 could have collided with a helicopter. "Rescuers did not find fragments of helicopters," said the spokesman.

A black box was found by rescuers in the place where the AN-148 crashed. This was announced by the Ministry of Emergency cited by the Tass.

On board also three foreigners, one was Swiss - There were also three foreigners among the passengers of the plane crashed near Moscow. Among them also a Swiss citizen. This was stated by a spokesman for the government of the Orenburg region at the Tass.

Witnesses: "We saw him plunge into flames - some witnesses in the village of Argunovo, according to international media, said they saw the plane fall from the sky in the flames, Antonov, the first flight in 2004 -The carlinga of the plane is scattered over a vast perimeter around the crash site. A twin-jet plane built by the Ukrainian builder Antonov, the An-148 carried out its first flight in 2004. It can carry up to 80 passengers for a distance of 3,600 kilometers. This model has already had five accidents in the past involving the landing gear, the electrical system and the steering system.

Putin calls for investigation commission on incident - Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to set up a special commission to investigate the plane crash in the Moscow region. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said this, according to the Tass agency. The Russian president also expressed his condolences for the victims.

Plane crashed near Moscow, the crash site and the route

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