Russiagate, accue to Donald Trump: USA, investigates the super prosecutor Robert Mueller on economic activities of the president in Russia. The son-in-law Jared Kushner was downgraded: this is why

Donald Trump, Russiagate (LaPresse)

The position of Jared Kushner, adviser to the US president, Donald Trump and his son-in-law, gets more and more complicated from an administrative point of view, after the downgrading of his role that led to the ban on access to top secret files. The case broke out in reference to the Russiagate that sees Kushner just investigated for his contacts with the former advisor Flynn torpedo for having promised the Russian ambassador in Washington the elimination of sanctions in his country in exchange for it is not clear what. According to various media reports, however, the downgrading of Trump's son-in-law would have to do with purely technical aspects since the same event also involved other members of the US administration in the past. Of course Kushner is defined as the weak link in US security and for this reason, As reported by, the Washington Post reported intelligence material, according to which some members of countries such as China, Israel, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates discussed the way to manipulate Trump's son-in-law. His figure even within the White House had appeared very disturbing in terms of fragility.(Update by Emanuela Longo)


The internal and foreign policy of the United States, since Donald Trump took office as president, has a first and so far only "common" point which presents new and further doubts every day. The Russiagate. The "scandal" of the alleged interference from Moscow is in the election of the Republican President and then also in the acts and decisions of foreign policy: on the plaint of accusations from many, the alleged "agreement" Trump and Putin on an economic, commercial and strategic basis . According to CNN today, the team of magistrates led by special prosecutor Robert Mueller - the head of the Russiagate investigation - would focus on the business conducted by the tycoon in Moscow before the 2016 presidential nomination. The intent is always the same , that is, to understand if the Russians could have access to compromising information on the future head of the White House. The Mueller team, the CNN writes today, would follow an investigative line "that goes beyond the campaign phase to explore the way the Russians may have tried to influence Trump at a time when he was in Moscow to discuss of business and while contemplating the possibility to apply ».


The second news today on Russiagate sees even more the involvement of the Trump team in the White House: the kind and adviser of the President (as well as husband of daughter Ivanka) Jared Kushner was "downgraded" even if not driven out. The security clearance for the top secret files was revoked: the deputy White House spokesman, Raj Shah told CNN. "He's doing a great job for the president and will continue with his job," the White House official voices explain. The danger in the "clan" Trump with the story of the son in law "implicated" in the Russian dossier, sees the work of Mueller as even more dangerous for the near future of the president: "in practice Kushner will be prevented access to many sensitive documents of the administration, starting with those 'top secret'. Among the reasons perhaps also that of the involvement of Kushner in Russiagate, "explains the Huffington Post today, underlining the dangers of the various dossiers concerning the Russiagate. "It is clear, what we have done so far has not been enough, with the Russians who have not paid a price so far to change their attitude," said the head of the NSA, reflecting the general alarm of the US administration on the held by Trump and his "busy" staff.

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