Syria, violent truce: raid in Ghouta / Latest news, France and Germany: "Russia pressure the regime"

Syria, UN approves humanitarian truce: Security Council votes unanimously. The latest news: stop the bombing for 30 days. The confrontation between the US and Russia continues

Syria, UN approves humanitarian truce (Photo: LaPresse)

The bombing of the Syrian regime in the eastern part of the Ghouta resumed. The thirty-day truce approved by the UN Security Council lasted only a few hours. The budget is seven dead and at least thirty wounded, according to what was revealed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The NGO has reported two bombings and "clashes between the forces of the regime the rebel group of Jaich al-Islam". Meanwhile, France and Germany have called on Russia to put pressure on Syria, allied to it, for the "immediate" application of the humanitarian truce. This was reported by the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel following a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin and French head of state Emmanuel Macron. «It is crucial that the resolution (UN) be implemented quickly and in an overall manner». Merkel and Macron, as reported by Askanews, have "called on Russia in this context to exert maximum pressure on the Syrian regime to get an immediate suspension of air raids and fighting". (adj. by Silvana Palazzo)


At least the humanitarian truce in Syria lasted for 30 days: it lasted a few hours. This morning, in fact, the Assad regime has again attacked the eastern Ghouta, the stronghold of Kurdish rebels near Damascus: as reported by Il Corriere della Sera a few moments ago, "Chifouniya, a village on the outskirts of Duma, was twice bombed. a correspondent from France Press reported air raids and artillery fire ". A truce that should have been the real turning point of the long and endless conflict in Syria, and instead turned into yet another farce of this absurd and mad rush to death; according to US ambassador Nikki Haly, who spoke earlier of the bombings this morning, "We respond late to the suffering in Ghouta - said the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley -. Today we voted for a resolution that could be approved a few days ago. For every day and every hour we have waited for Russia, how many mothers have lost their children? " Unfortunately, despite the hope, however, finally brought by the signing of the truce, nothing was enough. Today new bombs and new deaths: innocent. (by Niccolò Magnani)


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After multiple postponements, a resolution was passed yesterday that provides for a "at least 30 days" ceasefire for Syria. To avoid Russia's veto, the text has been amended several times. It is requested that "all parties cease hostilities without delay for at least 30 consecutive days in Syria for a lasting humanitarian pause". In this way humanitarian and service aid can be delivered on a regular basis and medical evacuation of the sick and the most seriously injured is allowed. For the US it is a "late" answer. The US ambassador Nikki Haley is speaking: "We voted for a resolution that could be approved a few days ago. For every day and every hour we have waited for Russia, how many mothers have lost their children? "


From Sunday 18 February the Syrian regime air raids continue in Ghouta, near Damascus. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 500 civilians have been killed in that suburb by over 400 thousand people, including 127 children. Russia's response to the United States, following the UN Security Council's unanimous approval of the resolution for the humanitarian truce in Syria, has not been delayed. "There is not only Ghuta", declared - as reported by the Corriere della Sera - the Russian Permanent Representative at the UN, Vassili Nebenzia. The latter explained that Russia has imposed delays on the vote because the 72-hour deadline for the start of the cease-fire was not realistic. The Russian ambassador then attacked the United States:

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