Trump, Union state speech: 'Let's build a safe and proud America'

Donald Trump tweeted that the number of viewers (45.6 million) for his speech on the Union was "the highest in history" but it is a "fake news".


"This is our new American moment, there has never been a better time to start living the American dream". In his first speech on the state of the Union in front of the assembled rooms, under the cold gaze of a Melanie irritated by the resurfacing of an old husband's affair with a pornstar, Donald Trump instills confidence in the Americans. And he boasts the "extraordinary successes" of his first year deeply divisive in the White House by launching an appeal to the country and the Democrats to work together in the second. An "outstretched hand" that he needs to approve in Congress, where the votes of the Democrats are needed, the nodes of immigration and a plan for new infrastructures of 1500 billion dollars but remaining firm on their positions.
For the rest 80 minutes of slogans, successes and applause without analysis or deep reflection, using a presidential and opportunistically bipartisan tone. "Together we are building a safe, strong and proud America", he began. "Tonight I ask you to put aside our differences, to seek common ground and to find unity," he continued. "Tonight, I want to talk about the kind of future we will have and the kind of nation we will be, all of us together as one team, one people, one American family," he added, recalling that at the center of American life there are "faith and family, not government and bureaucracy".
an agreement after the abolition of the obamyan program that protected them. But Trump cautioned he would not give in: "It is my duty to protect the Americans, because the Americans are also dreamers".
The dem were disappointed and impassive, entrusting the traditional reply to the deputy Joe Kennedy III, the dolphin of one of the most famous dynasties of America, great-grandson of John Fitzgerald Kennedy: "the bullies can punch and leave their mark, but they never managed to match the strength and spirit of the united people in defense of their future ".

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