Usa, the Republicans: "Abuse FBI to intercept the Trump team"

Usa, the Republicans: "Abuse FBI to intercept the Trump team"

The memo on the declassified Russiagate from the American president focuses in particular on "relevant information omitted" in the investigation by the Federal bureau. The White House leader en route with his Justice Minister Sessions. And the Democrats warn: constitutional crisis if the tycoon fires the prosecutor Mueller

Donald Trump attacks the guilty FBI head-on, according to a memo approved by the Republicans and declassified by the US president himself, to have managed in a "politicized" and anti-Trump in an investigation of the Russiagate and focuses on " relevant information omitted "in the investigation by committing a" series of violations of public trust ".

The Republican memo of the House Intelligence Committee claims that the FBI, with the help of the Justice Department, launched in October 2016 the interception of the Trump Counsel's adviser Carter Page from an intelligence dossier that had been made by the former British spy Christopher Steele , hired by an American study paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign .

According to the Republicans, however, there was an abuse of power because the FBI would not have indicated to the judges who authorized the interceptions that the Democrats' campaign had co-financed the file, nor that Steele was personally hostile to Trump. The 'memo Nunes', named after the president of the intelligence committee of the House Devin Nunes , in particular lashes out against former Justice Minister Bruce Ohr  and explicitly quotes former FBI member Andrew McCabe , who recently resigned . 

In particular, the Nunes report criticizes "the illegitimate use by the Ministry of Justice (at and from the FBI, whose director was James Comey , fired by Trump on May 9, 2017) of the 'Fisa' law, the norm that authorizes the interception of Americans and foreigners and that was used during the entire presidential election campaign. 

According to the report both the ministry and the FBI, on which it depends, have abused the Fisa law and the special court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court or Fisc ed ) that authorizes case-by-case interceptions, to collect information against Trump by any means. 
Among the points mentioned the omission by the ministry and the FBI of the role played by the former British 007 Christopher Steele- for a long time a source of the FBI - that on behalf of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton'selection campaign was paid 160 thousand dollars through the law firm 'Perkins Coie' and the private intelligence group "Fusion GPS" to prepare a false report on ties between Donald Trump and Russia. 

Steele, says the memo, was the author of the text that revealed alleged collusion with Moscow officials but above all the existence of a film shot by the FSB, the Russian secret services, in which Trump in 2013 was particularly entertained with a prostitute in a room in the Ritz-Carlton of the Russian capital. Movie with which Moscow was ready to blackmail Trump once elected.

The report states that in September 2016, Steele admitted his hostility against the still candidate Trump when he said that "he was fiercely opposed to the idea that Donald Trump was elected and claimed he should not become president". These clear tests, according to the report by Nunes, were not mentioned in the request to obtain through the Fisa law the authorization to spy Carter Page , chief adviser in the foreign policy of Trump's election campaign, supervised by the FBI because he had made numerous trips in Russia in 2016 and that was considered the trait-d'union the Kremlin and Trump.

The centrality of the alleged abuse of power of the Ministry of Justice and the FBI, according to the report is witnessed by the same former FBI number 2, Andrew McCabe ,  who in front of the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017 stated that "it would not be obtained any authorization to intercept the special court (Fisc) without the file collected by Steele ".

Neither the initial request to the Fisc in October 2016 nor the subsequent ones ever referred to the role of the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign, or others in having financed the Steele dossier. Not only. The initial request to be able to proceed with the interception via the Fisa law, underlined that Steele worked on behalf of an American citizen but without mentioning the group Fusion GPS (the intermediary with Steele, ed ) nor Glenn Simpson (founder of the group) despite the both the Ministry of Justice and the FBI knew that the Democrats and Clinton had paid Steele, who worked on their behalf and in their name or that the FBI authorized a separate payment to the former British 007 for the same information. 

The White House justified the decision to declassify and authorize the spread of the republican memo against the FBI for its conduct in Russiagate "in light of the significant public interest". An interest that therefore prevails over the "serious concerns" linked to the security and inaccuracy of the document raised by the Ministry of Justice and the FBI. 

The gap between Donald Trump and his Justice Minister Jeff Sessions seems to widen, as he was against the declassification of the republican memo. Sessions has indeed defended and expressed appreciation for its leadership, including the number two Rod Rosenstein, to which Trump reiterated his distrust. After Sessions has been self-informed, Rosenstein oversees the Russiagate investigation. 

The Democrats warn Trump that a "constitutional crisis" will open up if he wants to take advantage of the newly declassicised anti-FBI memo to fire the 'number two' of the Justice Ministry, Rod Rosenstein or the Special Prosecutor of the 'investigation on the Russiagate, Robert MuellerIt is the warning of Senate Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer , of the Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and eight other Democrats. "We write to inform you that we will consider such an unjustified action an attempt to obstruct justice in the investigation of Russia," the Democrats write.  "Sacking attorney general Rod Rosenstein, Justice Department leader or Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller could bring about a constitutional crisis of a kind not seen by the Saturday Night Massacre," say the Democrats, referring to when the Duro also the Democratic senator  adds that President Trump has abdicated "to his constitutional responsibility of 'Commander-in-Chief'" by publishing the intelligence dossier that questions the impartiality of the FBI on the Russiagate, "a highly confidential and distorted document". "By avoiding protecting intelligence sources and methods, he has just sent his friend Putin a bunch of flowers".

Mark Warner , vice president of the Senate Intelligence Committee, also said: "This unprecedented public disclosure of secret material during an ongoing investigation is dangerous for our national security," said the senator. Warner also questioned the content of the dossier devised by Republican MP Devin Nunes, stating that "the documents on which the memorandum is based ... do not support its conclusions". 

And  Nancy Pelosi

Devin Nunes, he was already involved last year in charges of espionage against Barack Obama, accusations then revealed without foundation. He was part of the transition team of the future president after the electoral victory in November 2016, and it was to him that the delicate presidency of the House Intelligence Committee was entrusted, in charge of following the story of the Russian interference in the American elections. 

Nunes is connected to the tweet of March of last year with which Trump accused his predecessor Barack Obama of having ordered to spy on him. Behind these accusations, there was a secret meeting of Nunes with sources at the White House, which later turned out to be people tied to the Trump administration.

Accused of partiality and disclosure of classified information, the deputy was put under investigation by the Chamber's ethics committee. For this reason he was self-advised in April by the investigations on the Russiagate, returning fully to his duties in December as he was cleared. 

Although he accuses the FBI of wiretapping against the Trump team, Nunes has always been an advocate of the powers of surveillance and espionage of American services since he was elected for the first time in 2003 as a member of a rural district of the California. In particular, he pledged to extend another six years of these powers, often without a mandate, which was signed last month by Trump.
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