26 dogs saved from the crisis situation

Last week, our animal rescue team was deployed in Tennessee at the request of local authorities, who discovered 26 dogs that lived outdoors in a flooded grave after their owners were arrested. The dogs were covered in mud and fecal matter and were emaciated, shaken and scared.

After arriving at the scene, our team launched a three-day rescue operation to save the dogs. Just yesterday, we secured the last dog on the property, a black Labradoodle that ran for free days and had collapsed next to the now empty sludge that previously housed its 25 companions. It was as if the puppy had realized that all his friends had been saved by our team ... and he was ready to be saved too.

The rescued dogs were transported from the abandoned property to a temporary emergency shelter, where our teams are administering medical care and are working to soothe the reddened and malnourished bellies of the dogs. We use meals to increase their shy confidence in humans and to feed them to develop a positive bond.

These poor animals have a long way to go, but together we can give them a better life.

2018 Memphis Rescue - dogs split image

Please donate to American Humane now to support our rescue programs to help needy animals.

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