A Russian plane crashed in Syria, there are already 32 dead

A Russian aircraft crashed during the landing at the Hmeimim base. Technical malfunction or is it Isis?

The defense minister announced that a Russian cargo plane crashed in Syriakilling 26 passengers and six crew members who were on board. The Russian aircraft An-26 fell to the ground during the landing in the base area located in Hmeimim, near the Syrian coastal town of Latakia. The #russiasays that the plane has not crashed because of an attack and preliminary data suggest that probably the accident was caused by a technical malfunction. Let us remember that on January 7th the Russian forces declared that they had thwarted a drone attack on the Hmeimim base. A week after this event, Russian warplanes were damaged by mortar shells while they were in their bases.

What is known about today's crash?

The Russian defense minister stated that the An-26 plane crashed as it descended about 500 meters from the runway. The incident occurred around 15.00 in the afternoon (Moscow time). In the meantime, given the precedents, the Russian government has decided to set up a special commission to investigate the incident.

What is Hmeimim

Hmeimim is the main base of the Russian state for the launch of air strikes against the rebel forces present in Syria [VIDEO] . The Russian bombings have allowed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad [VIDEO] to recover a lot of ground against the militants of ISIS, now settled for years in the country. However, Russian attacks have killed many civilians, although Moscow insists that their goal is to hit ISIS fighters.

Here are the losses in Russian areas in Syria

Russia launched its military operation in the distant September of 2015, saying to act by the will of the Syrian President Assad, a precious ally of theirs. Here are the Russian areas forces lost in Syria: # plane crash
  • February 2018: A Sukhoi-25 warplane is shot down by rebels in the north-western province of Idlib. The pilot had managed to escape but was later killed during a ground fight.
  • December 2017: a bombardment damaged several planes in the Hmeimim area base and killed two Russian soldiers.
  • December 2016: a Tu-154 carrying 92 people (including army musicians) crashed in the Black Sea after departing from Syria. No survivor was found.
  • August 2016: a Russian helicopter is shot down and all 5 people on board have been killed.
  • November 2015: of the Turkish airstrikes have killed a Sukhoi-24. This incident triggered a serious deterioration in relations between Russia and Turkey.

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