Cards addressed to deceased and clochard: discovery of the central "ghost" sims


Twelve reported, assets seized for over 400 thousand euros and penalties for 6 million for privacy violations. The Finance Police gets their hands on 35 thousand "cards" also registered to unsuspecting citizens, and used by criminal gangs to avoid wiretapping

Sim cards addressed to deceased persons, homeless persons and unsuspecting citizens, also used for criminal purposes and to avoid wiretapping. To discover the fraud were the financiers of the Provincial Command of Rome, which today have carried out a decree of preventive seizure for a value of over 400 thousand euros, issued by the Court of Rome , "on assets - reads a note of the Gdf - of owned by a well-known company from the capital of the Campania region ".
The one that has just been carried out is the latest measure of a long and complex investigation that has led the Fiamme Gialle of the Fiumicino group to discover over 35,000 mobile telephone users unduly activated by means of phantom personal data .
The investigations, explains the Guardia di Finanza, kicked off in March 2015, following an attempted robbery at a jewel in the Cinecitt√† 2 shopping mall, thwarted by the Fiumicino Airport's GDF. "The criminals, all characterized by high criminal thickness - the statement reads - found funds necessary for their main activity of drug traffickers thanks to the stolen object of the numerous robberies put in sign in various stores of precious, and used telephone cards registered to other subjects in order to encrypt intercepted communications ".

The investigations since then have made it possible to ascertain that the cards used to commit the crimes had been activated in sales points all attributable to the same master dealer . "Of the over 35,000 unlawfully activated telephone cards, about 12,000 were registered to 3,000 foreign citizens - explain the yellow flames - all residing at the same address, seat of a religious community, totally extraneous to the facts, notoriously dedicated to the assistance of numerous homeless people ". Other seized cards were instead made out to deceased or non-existent persons, while one part was activated using the personal data of unsuspecting customers of the dealer, in violation of all privacy and data protection rules.
"The company involved, in addition to providing criminals with different phone numbers and therefore, although interceptable, difficult to be traced back to real users - explains the Guardia di Finanza - has used illegally inserted cards in order to get illicitly over 400,000 euro bonus from one of the main telephone operators, provided for the dealer's manager to achieve certain activation thresholds for SIM cards ".
The investigation concluded with the complaint 12 people who will have to respond to criminal association aimed at fraud, illegal access to computer systems and the illegal processing of personal data. In addition to the 400 thousand euro seizure, the collaboration with the Special Privacy Unit of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome led to administrative sanctions in the field of privacy for 6,000,000 euros.

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