Le Pen compliments the envied Salvini. And remember the "fall of Renzi, the Italian Macron"

Marine proposes the restyling of the Front National: it will be called Rassemblement National. The last word for militants called to vote by post

Marine Le Pen was re-elected to Lille, from the Front National Congress, president of the party, with 100% of the votes. He was the only candidate. Marine thus begins his third term at the head of the party he leads since, in 2011, he succeeded his father and founder Jean-Marie, who has been out of the party by decision of Congress, which has abolished his position as "honorary president".
According to the president the new name of the Front National must be Rassemblement National (National Union). The aim of renaming the formation of the extreme right is to complete its "renewal, condition of its success," said Le Pen in the speech delivered at the close of the 16th Congress. The new name will be submitted to the opinion of the militants of the party by vote by post and the result will not be known within six weeks. "The renewal for which you have elected me, I ask you now to carry it out, is the condition of our success," said Marine Le Pen. "I propose that the Front national become Rassemblement National," he continued. "But you will be voting on this, you will decide," he concluded.
Le Pen also spoke of the Italian vote. "Matthew, I take this opportunity to say goodbye and to compliment you," he said, greeting Salvini. "Our National Assembly is so unrepresentative ... look at the results and the number of MPs obtained by the League in Italy, from the FPOE in Austria", he stressed, returning to insist on the need to change the French electoral law, based on the majority . "We - he reiterated - we must institute the proportional scrutiny to the legislative ones".
Le Journal du Dimanche, in an article entitled "What Marine Le Pen envies his Italian cousin", traces "the idyll" between the League and the French extreme right-wing party. Stressing that Salvini was the first to take inspiration from Le Pen, now rather the opposite. Crossing messages of support and esteem, some made public and others no, and an increasingly clear admiration of the president of the FN for the Northern League leader: "the League - said Marine - is a movement that opposes the European Union, wants that subsidies, national solidarity, concern Italians first ... ". At the center of Marine's "envy" for Salvini, the possibility to ally with the right and overcome the traditional isolation of the Front National. A situation on which, however, has intervened today,
Then a passage on the fall of Renzi, described as the Italian Macron. "A young leader, Matteo Renzi, 4 years ago, introduced himself and spoke about Europe and Europeanist politics as the best tradition" for his country, Marine said, continuing with an allusion to Emmanuel Macron: this "reminds us of something. .. ". "There was a referendum - added Le Pen - and 4 years later we find our League allies at the gates of power." We witnessed the fall of the Italian Macron ".
The Le Pen party, however, seems to change the name but not the vice. While she tries to credit him as a moderate right-wing government, her parliamentary assistant does not seem to want to help her. "Dirty African", "monkey", would have screamed Davy Rodriguez, number two of the youth sector of the party at the address of a barman in Lille, the city where the congress was held in which it was proposed to change the name of the party in a dialogue and reassuring "Rassemblement national". Dialogante, however, does not seem Rodriguez in a film published by Buzzfeed, and shot with a smartphone Friday, March 9th. In the film we see Rodriguez held at bay by a person, who tells him: "What would you think, Marine, seeing you like that?"; at some point comes out the insult "Negro of shit", and according to witnesses to pronounce it along with others reported by Buzzfeed was Rodriguez, but denies, evoking "cabal policies" and "montages" of the film made by "experts computer technology".

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