Russia, Putin presents "invincible" super-missile: warning to the USA

It can fly reaching "anywhere in the world". "We have said several times that we would react to the placement of American anti-missile systems," said the Russian leader

New nuclear weapons capable of overcoming American anti-missile shields in Europe and Asia. And among these, an "invulnerable" cruise missile that follows an unpredictable trajectory and, with its revolutionary atomic propeller, can fly indefinitely, reaching "anywhere in the world". Three weeks after the presidential elections that will probably confirm him at the top of power in Russia for another six years, Vladimir Putin takes advantage of the annual speech to the united Chambers to warn the United States: "We said several times that we would reactto the placement of American anti-missile systems, so you did not listen to us. "Listen to us now."
Live broadcasting on unified networks, among the thunderous applause of deputies and senators, as well as members of the government and many high-ranking officials, Putin has given life to a real show. Everything has been thought in the smallest details. The Russian leader did not speak from the elegant hall of San Giorgio of the Kremlin, but from the Maneggio, not far from the Red Square and able to accommodate more people. But above all to contain a giant screen like that from which, between videos and interactive graphics, Putin has described the new fearsome nuclear weapons at his disposal .

In addition to the "invulnerable" super-missile "that does not yet have a name - and on which American sources cited by CNN have raised serious doubts, boiling Putin's exit as an electoral move - there are the new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic rocket, which will replace a Soviet giant such as Voevoda (Ss-18 Satan according to the NATO nomenclature) and, Putin emphasized, "has virtually no range limits, capable of attacking both through the North Pole and the South Pole". And again the "underwater drones-missiles" whose speed "surpasses several times that of submarines, torpedoes and all types of ships" and "can be armed with nuclear and non-nuclear projectiles". And then a whole series of hypersonic and laser weapons.

Putin said that all these war facilities were designed in recent years, in response to the 2002 Washington decision to unilaterally withdraw from the 1972 ballistic anti-ballistic missile (ABM) Treaty and thus implement a "space shield" in Eastern Europe. But it is probably no coincidence that Putin's challenge comes a month after the publication of the "Trump doctrine" on nuclear power, which provides for the US the revival of nuclear weapons production and the green light to the realization of new "low potential" devices. ". The Kremlin leader has issued a clear warning: "Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia, or its allies, of small, medium or any other power, will be perceived as a nuclear attack, and the response will be immediate and with all the obvious consequences". 

Then he threw some water on the fire: "Russia - he said - does not intend to attack anyone , we must not create new threats to the world", but "sit at the negotiating table" and "renew the future security system international". Words addressed first of all to the world community, but also to Russian voters. Normally the speech to the assembled Chambers is held in December. This time Putin intervened on the eve of the presidential electionsWith the new weapons he satisfied the nationalist pride that he regularly provides to feed. And then he promised the Russians seas and mountains: halving poverty, increasing GDP per capita, bringing life expectancy over 80 years. The other candidates participate in the electoral debates. Putin no, speak only as president. 

The White House, on the other hand, is not surprised by Putin's announcement of the new "invulnerable" nuclear missiles: White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said, underlining that Donald Trump is "determined to protect the country" and that defensive abilities Usa will not remain "second to none" . The president, he added, will ensure that US nuclear capabilities remain unmatched.

Russia, the arsenal of Moscow

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