The holistic Calgary exhibition invites David Stephan, condemned in the death of his son

The organizers of an upcoming holistic fair in Calgary are not disturbed by the participation in the event by a condemned father for letting his son die.

Well aware of the cancellation of David Stephan as a keynote speaker at a wellness fair in February after the sponsors opposed him, the promoter of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo from 27 to 29 April said he did not see any ethical problem with the presence of Stephan among nine other presenters.

"We talked a little while ago, when things came out on the wellbeing show," said Chandler Armstrong. "We do not see our role as part of the judicial system or judge ... Our position is that if David is found guilty by the courts, he will have to live with it".

In 2016, Stephan was found guilty in a court in Lethbridge that he had not provided for life after the death of 19-month-old son's bacterial meningitis, Ezekiel, in March 2012. His wife Collet Stephan was also found guilty of the death of their child.

The boy was treated for weeks with natural remedies like ginger root, chilli pepper, horseradish and onions, despite the pleas of a nurse who was a friend of the family who received appropriate care for possible meningitis.

The criminal history of Stephan prompted the sponsors to protest against his appearance at the Calgary Wellness Expo earlier this year, eventually leading the organizers to leave Stephan from the show.

But Armstrong noted that unlike that event, his Body Soul & Spirit Expo does not depend on the sponsors.

"We are a self-sufficient event ... It is up to the public to decide," he said.

Since the sentence of Stephan has remained rebellious, blaming the death of his son for the errors of the health system. He brought the case to the supreme court of the country after the Alberta Court of Appeals rejected his offer to overturn his sentence last November.

Stephan also says that his continued public appearances are rejecting the medical establishment.

"The Rise Up tour continues despite ongoing attempts to prevent the public from accessing the information we are providing!" He wrote about a recent Facebook post.

Armstrong noted that there has been almost no negative reaction from Stephan's appearances in three other events this year, although the organizers have suggested that his sister represent their firm of nutritional supplements Truehope at the Calgary event.

But the man's name and photo remain listed on the fair's website, which will attract around 3000 people to the Gray Eagle Resort and Casino.

"At the time it was a problem with his program and an exhibitor was worried," said Armstrong. "Truehope has been part of our show for years."

Stephan does not discuss his legal disputes at these events and merely talks about Truehope products and welfare issues, he added.

On his Facebook page, Stephan said that at the Calgary fair he will discuss brain and thyroid health and "how to avoid dangerous psychiatric drugs while achieving a much greater quality of life".

"This will mean the way in which over the last 70 years the big chemical companies have compromised agriculture and the devastating effects it has had on our food and subsequently on our health," wrote Stephan, who did not respond to requests for a interview with Postmedia on Monday.

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