Rolling Stone Keith Richards says that America must "get rid" of Donald Trump

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards asked the United States to "get rid of" President Donald Trump.

The British musician, who has been living in Connecticut for decades, recalled Tuesday that the last time he got angry was in 1989 - lining up for Trump when the band was traveling on his "Steel Wheels" tour.

"(Donald Trump) was the promoter for us in Atlantic City and we arrived in Atlantic City and (it was announced as) Donald Trump presents ... the Rolling Stones (it was written) in miniature," he told the program " Today "by BBC Radio 4.

"We never had much to do with the promoters, but this got me, it was the last time I got angry, I pulled out my trusty blade and put it on the table and said: 'Devi get rid of this man. '"

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Now, it's the United States that has the problem, Richards suggested. "Now America must get rid of him." Do not say I did not warn you, "he added.

Richards has already expressed his opinion on Trump, before he was elected, in 2015 writing to Rolling Stone magazine: "Can you imagine President Trump? The worst nightmare, but we can not say, because it could happen."

Trump used the Stones track "You can not always get what you want" during his 2016 election campaign, which frontman Mick Jagger said Tuesday was a strange choice.

"He used it on everything, he used it in every event during the election campaign, I was not the DJ of course, but if I was Donald's DJ ... it's a funny song for your exit song. this, this sort of doomatic drug ballad in Chelsea, "he told the BBC.

"It's strange if you think about it, but you can not convince yourself to use something else, it was a strange, very strange thing."

Jagger, who was speaking in view of the British leg of the band's "No Filter" tour, also raised doubts about Brexit.

"I'm not very happy with the status quo," he said. "In the United Kingdom, I think we are going through a particularly difficult time and it is very difficult to understand all the difficulties we encounter with Brexit and everything else ... The current government seems to be going through a very difficult time to deal with it."

"I know it's a complex problem, but everyone would like to see a quick resolution and a united front and a united rather than divided leadership," he added.

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